So a week of XE1 ownership has passed.

So a week of XE1 ownership has passed.  

Unlike my initial frustrations with the X100 this camera is more intuitive.  Maybe the X100 user interface has warmed me to future Fuji’s.

Nothing online tells me about flash white balance.  However auto seems to produce pleasing studio images.  The slow sync speed hasn’t bothered me yet.  Nikon pocket wizards won’t trigger at all.  The SB900 fires when attached but is like a drum on a pea.

i blew the dust off and inserted a new battery into some Ebay triggers and these fire the SB900’s perfectly.

The 14mm is now in my possession and assuming I successfully divest some superfluous Nikon gear through Ebay the 35mm and 60mm will soon follow.  Not sure about the 55-200 yet but no doubt it will end up on my personal roadmap.

Two model portfolio shoots this weekend. I’m only taking the EX1 and will publish results afterwards.


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