FAS Or Fuji Acquisition Syndrome has hit me hard

The XE1 has impressed me enough to throw myself totally into the Fuji system. Most of my Nikon glass has gone only keeping the holy trinity and a 50mm 1.4 prime. All my Lee Filters have gone also. This mammoth amount of kit has been replaced by a bag full of Fuji and Hitech kit.

EFX20 Flash x2

Pocket wizards have been reprogrammed to fire SB900’s through Fuji.
Canon TTL cord for off camera tethered flash work.

HiTech 67’s have replaced all Lee filtration as they are the perfect size for the Fuji system. I had to fashion a light blocker for the high ND filters as for some reason hitech do not attach a foam gasket to their smallest.

The fuji is so good that I can still focus with a 10 stop attached. Long exposure results are stunning with little or no discernible colour cast and for coastal shots an amazing ‘Fuji’ blue.

My landscape kit has reduced from a rucksack with an external tripod to a small shoulder bag which hold tripod and kit snugly inside. I’m flitting between a Billingham Hadley Pro a Think Tank Retrospective 20 and my current favourite a Lowepro Passport sling which is the smallest and holds the most. It’s also the cheapest by far and maybe even the most discreet.

Thumb grips and soft release buttons have been added plus a handgrip for the XE1 and black rapid straps with all padding removed for when cameras are carried.
A bronica manual cable release some AAA Batteries
5 16gb Sandisk extreme pro sd cards
6 spare fuji batteries for the XE XPRO and 5 for the X100 complete the bag


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