Spam and fat inboxes

Things have been busy recently to the point that I am turning off my smart phone for a break from interruptions and distractions. I noticed recently that in a five hour period I had received 75 emails.   On going through these I discovered that only one of them was not advertising or spam.

Each email was deleted and my life continued.  Then over the next five hour period another 80 emails arrived.  On reviewing these 75 of them were advertising or spam.  Thats 149 emails in a working day that I didn’t need.  I have spent today unsubscribing from every advertising email received.

The unsubscribe process has been interesting with some instantly advising that my request has been complied with and no more communication will appear.  Some asked for more information, some asked for me to log in when I don’t remember signing up in the first place so user name and password would be near impossible.

I will continue to do this over the next 10 days and see if my inbox becomes more manageable.


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