Straps, Cases and Water Protection

I’ve been shooting with the X Series cameras for a while now and as with my full frame Nikon kit I have never found a camera strap that doesn’t get in the way.  Consequently most of the time I risked dropping my cameras and didn’t use any form of strap at all.

They come with three primary frustrations:

1 – They are bulky and sit in the wrong places

2 – They have horrible logo’s that scream ‘photographer’

3 – They go round my neck

I have tried to use the screw mounted rapid straps but don’t like straps across my body.  I’ve even tried the rapid wrist straps but have found these to be clunky.  The worst bit being if I need to move to tripod I have to remove the rapid bit.

Finally, a discreet leather wrist strap that is supple enough to stay out of the way, unbranded so I don’t look like a mobile advert but above all sufficiently sturdy to protect my camera should I happen to drop it.

The XPro1 and the XE1 are both fitted with thumb and hand grips so the wrist strap just adds to the camera security without getting in the way.

The X100s also has a thumb grip fitted but no hand grip to the wrist strap works even more effectively.  It also puts a little space between my palm and the body affording additional purchase.

Leather umbilical cord between XE1 and my clumsy hand


As with most photographers I am on an eternal quest for the perfect camera bag and primarily use a Billingham Hadley Pro when more than a couple of things need to be carried and an ONA Bowery when just a body / lens combination is needed.

I recently acquired a camera protection insert which is padded fleece which has movable dividers and a drawcord top.    This holds two bodies, four lenses and spare batteries / memory etc.  The insert can be dropped into any bag I need to carry including my laptop rucksack.  My X100s usually lives in a thin fleece sock like bag or directly in my pocket.

Now the interesting bit about the above ramblings is that the insert cost less than £20 and the wrist strap less than £10.

Prices of camera accessories is usually high:

Hadley Pro £180

ONA Bowery £100

Black Rapid £50

Not to mention the Think Tank Retrospectives, Lowepro’s and Domke’s all over £100 that I have procured and sold over the years.

I have also owned various types of water resistant housings but stil find the humble showercap stolen from a hotel still offers the most effective water protection in the rain.

The X Series has really helped me rethink my photography and this journey is only getting better every week.

These three were shot on Exmouth beach in the rain with a shower cap protecting the X100s and a wrist strap ensuring I don’t drop it.

Image Image



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