Left or Right Eye

I  use a pen and mouse with my left hand.

I play golf (badly) right handed

I eat with a fork or spoon in my left hand

If I kick a ball it goes further and with more control when I use my right foot

After a childhood illness I am 100% deaf in my left ear.

I am colour blind and suffer with earth tones brown, green, red.

On a recent left brain / right brain test my results were 50/50.  It has been commented that my landscape compositions tend to be dynamic.


With NLP (neuro linguistic programming), when determining whether I am visual, auditory or kinesthetic this was also broadly equal pointing towards me being Auditory Digital

People processing in this system use words and phrases that don’t indicate any particular representational system. They are words that NLP calls “unspecified” such as, this makes sense, logical, understanding, criteria, appreciate, aware, analyse, believe, comprehend, choose, decide, reason, system, experience, integrate, learn, consider, perceive, process, realize, remember, sense, think, vague, wonder

Someone with a preference for AD processing may:

Talk to themselves a lot, as they make sense of their worlds with internal dialogue. You can tell they are doing this by their Eye Patternsand sometimes mouth movements

Seem to be debating something inside their head – head will tilt slightly one way and then the other.

Talk things out with others, or use them as a sounding board for their ideas.

Find it difficult to stay uptime (will want to go inside their heads to process). People can feel tuned out – the lights are on but no one is home. Uptime has an absence of internal dialogue

Be critical of self and others

Like to think plan and analyse

Need to “make sense” of things.

Have a strong secondary representational system or even have some aspects of all major systems. This is a second layer for some other sensory processing.

Be good at categorizing and summarizing

Be fond of lists, flow charts and writing things down

Can be very logical – this does not necessarily mean they think in sequential step-by-step ways.

AD look down to the left when we talk to ourselves.

My left eye is dominant to the point that in a portrait it appears slightly larger than the right.  This is usually obscured or masked by my glasses which I have worn since being a toddler.


If I look through a viewfinder my left eye is dominant.  With a standard DSLR with the viewfinder in the middle my nose squashed up against the screen leaving a greasy print.

Since migrating towards the rangefinder style Fuji X Series cameras I have been conscious that the viewfinder is on the rear left of the body.


One of the things I like most about this style of camera in use is that it is less intrusive than a professional DSLR and creates a more intimate and personable portrait experience for the sitter especially when a small prime lens is used.  This has led me to think that if I used my right eye more of my face would be visible during the session amplifying that personal and intimate feeling.

In a survey undertaken by Digital Photography School 57% of respondees predominantly used their right eye and 37% used their left.


There is a school of thought that our chemical and biological processing of information is affected by the visual or auditory pathway.  There is another theory that this is rubbish but sticking with the thought for a moment.  If I change my viewfinder choice my photography could be different.  I will most probably search around the viewfinder more and in doing so might find things in the composition that are appealing or otherwise.

So my personal photographic challenge over the coming months is to actively use my right eye more and see if results are markedly different.  The worst that will happen is that slightly more intimate relationship during portrait sessions.  There will also be less of a greasy mark on my camera screen.

Couple of examples of more intimate and personal portraits achieved with the Fuji

Cassidy taken with the XPro1 and 18mm prime lens – natural lighting


Nat taken with the Xpro1 and 35mm prime lens – LED lighting



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