I’m now a web wizard (apprentice really)

I’ve spent the last couple of days developing my new website.

Ever since mobile me was binned by Mac I have not had sufficient web presence for one of my businesses.  I recently watched a youtube video with David du Chemin saying that business branding was less important than personal branding so although my businesses will remain they will all be accessed primarily through www.chrispearceramwell.co.uk

Now being relatively bright but in terms of web design and IT stuff generally I’m not great.  The prime reason I’ve been using Mac’s for the last ten years or so.  I bought a WordPress for Beginners book.  It seemed more complex than necessary so youtube was my prime source of education.

Two MacBooks were set up next to each other, one to watch and pause the Youtube video and one to set up the site.  This method worked relatively seamlessly.  The video used was:


I am eternally grateful to Tyler and seriously recommend this video to get things started.  I now have a site up and running but need to customise it over the next week and add more content.

This is when the WordPress for beginners will probably come in useful.  One of the first things for me will be linking this blog !

My prime studio website is hosted through Zenfolio www.somersetphotographic.co.uk  I cannot see the point in changing this as the functionality with Zenfolio is rich and the back end image printing and sales functionality just works fine.


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