Read firmware notes in future

Fuji are great at upgrading the functionality of their X System Cameras and each update is eagerly anticipated.

I have been shooting with continuous light for the last couple of months and my shoot yesterday required flash for the particular effect I was planning for.  So before my model arrived the lights were set up and everything was ready to go.  A quick check whilst she was getting changed and I noticed my viewfinder was going black after every depress of the shutter.  

I was on manual and everything was pitch black.  Useless for recomposing or capturing my model at the decisive moment.  I switched from XPro1 to XE1 in case I had done something daft.  Even more failure as XE1 doesn’t have optical viewfinder.  I was beginning to feel twitchy and couldn’t work out why this was happening to me.

So a quick switch back to continuous lighting and the shoot turned out OK in the end.  Today however’ my shoot was dynamic and fast moving and I really needed to freeze action so back to flash.  I didn’t sleep properly trying to work out what was going wrong.  Before leaving home for the studio I relented and put the Nikon kit in the car which has lain dormant for about six months now.

On arrival at the studio, as a last resort I phoned my friend Ed Burrows and asked him.  Ed being brilliant at most stuff explained my issue instantly and saved the shoot and my probably sanity too.  Apparently a new firmware feature that passed me by was the introduction of viewing exactly as the shot would be recorded.

Here are a few shots from the shoot.














I managed to remain relatively calm and composed so not to spook Brogan and am relatively happy with the results overall.


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