A simple way to make your pictures zing

Changing your perspective changes everyone’s perspective.

It seems like 92% of pictures posted online by photographers are taken at eye level.


Height for the average westerner is 5’10”.  I’m 5’8″ so eye level is roughly 6″!below this.  My personal aim is to ensure that less than 20% of my shots are either significantly higher or lower than this.


Present images offering your viewers a whole new view of the world.  Maybe a lower perspective is why kids learn so fast and look at things with wonder and intrigue.


Landscapes shot from 3ft high give your images an amazing and instant foreground interest.  Focus a third into the picture at a relatively small aperture and you have yourself awesome depth of field.

Change the plane of your lens from vertical to downwards and emphasise a unique and skewed perspective.

Street photographs shot from the hip or sitting down just look intriguing and give your viewer a voyeuristic tingle.  Shot from height especially with strong shadows creates amazing abstract composition especially when rendered in contrasts black and white.


Macro flowers, birds, family dogs shot from the same height create absolutely stunning imagery.

Putting strong diagonals in your composition draw the eye.

Whatever you shoot, however you shoot it don’t too often join the 92% club.


This technique combined with effective use of aperture will go towards keeping your viewers wanting more.

Look out for further photographic thoughts coming soon.  Feel free to offer your thoughts or ask questions, maybe recommend another technique you would like me to cover.



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