Our individual view on the world

Every picture to everybody looks different (and you will never know what everybody else sees)

Did you know that when you see a red post box or rose in a photograph the deepness, shade and intensity of the colour you see is unique to you.  If it looks vibrant and full and perfectly saturated in your eyes the next viewer might see an even more vibrant red or the person after that might not tune into the ‘dull’ red colour they see and concentrate on other aspects of the image.

This strange phenomenon is referred to as qualia and is probably the reason that when someone disagrees with the greatness of your photograph they just have a different set of experiential wiring than you.

You’ve heard the phrase rose tinted spectacles right.  Some people look at the world with a wide perspective capturing the near and far distance with equal perception.  Some zoom in on a specific within their field of view and concentrate on this.

It is for this reason that different people prefer different types of lenses.  Either wide angle at greater than 35 degrees or 200 degrees.  Some other people can’t make the leap from their favourite perspective to another one and these tend to prefer prime lenses with a fixed focal length.

So how do you please everyone with your pictures ?  The only answer is that you can’t.  As long as you personally are happy with the image you have produced you should be somewhat comfortable with it.

I ask myself some questions each time I review one of my images. Starting with the main subject or focal point and see where the image takes my eyes.  I then start from the top left hand corner and scan through the whole image asking myself these technical then experiential questions:

Technical Image Review Questions

(are each appropriate)


Depth of Field

Colour & Contrast


Compositional Tools

Experiential Image Review Questions

(is there, is it, does it)

Engagement with subject


Pleasing to the eye

Tells a story

Makes you think

How could it be better ?

Any distractions – better crop ?

So the differences in the way we see discussed above are inbuilt into us, wired and some say impossible to change.  It’s just the way we are. 

I have a very close friend who looks at some of my pictures and says they’ve been messed around or ‘faffed’ with.  This often refers to long exposure shots.  When the water in rivers or the sea becomes misty or milky.  I personally love this effect but am greatly aware that others do not.

This is what makes are so special and individual.  The appreciation of any form of art is a truly personal thing and do not be disheartened if a critic, judge or viewer expresses what they do not like.  If you like it and if you have honestly asked and answered the image review questions above then you have in your eyes and your perception a winning picture.

Next time I will be discussing the individual techniques, methods and guidelines against one of the image review questions in a similar manner to the depth of field note posted the other day.

 Imagewide or zoom view


Imagemilky faffing or art



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