Tips for Stunning Property Photography and selling your home

If you really want to sell your house.



The above picture will get 30% more clicks on property websites than the picture below.  Good camera angles, vibrant skies, lush and uncluttered lawn are what buyers are hoping to find.


Our society has become increasingly more visual.  With so many bits of information constantly vying for our attention having a great set of images to showcase your home will guarantee more interest and this equals more offers.

When we trawl through Rightmove or equivalent we are deep down hoping to find our ideal home and one of the ways we determine what is right for us is to subconsciously imagine ourselves living there by scrolling through the available sales images.  These are the hook to encourage us to find out more by reading the particulars then arranging a viewing then writing a cheque.

So here is a quick bullet list of the main things I look for  when photographing clients homes.

1- A great external shot is where everything starts. It needs to be bright with no distractions.  Sky needs to be contrasty and blue but not so artificially blue that the picture looks unbelievable.  Distractions could be cars, people, refuse and recycling bins, bicycles, toys, dead plants, signage, rubbish, clutter, open doors or windows, evidence of pets, junk mail, milk bottles.  Hide all this out of shot.

2 – The garden shot should be devoid of washing lines, washing, gardening stuff i.e. wheelbarrows, hoses etc. Gnomes, old bits of wood, toys, broken furniture, rusty bbq’s etc.  Again it should have a contrasty and realistic sky.

The lounge should have rugs removed, these feel homely but in a two dimensional photograph they make the room look smaller.  General clutter should be hidden including remote control’s, newspapers, extension leads, board games,

Most people have a list of ranked priorities when finding their new home:

1 – Price

2 – Number of Bedrooms

3 – Size of Garden

4 – Parking

5 – Kitchen Size

6 – En Suite

Once these ranked piorities are determined there then comes more ethereal  questions including:

– Could I visualise myself living there

– Will my furniture look right

– Is the current decor to my taste

– could I make the decor to my taste

Then there are some human basic needs that we look out for:

– warm

– safe

– comfortable

– light

– space


Boutique bedroom or bomb site.  An oasis of calm, a retreat, somewhere to relax and unwind.


Most estate agents photograph your home with a compact camera.  Whilst in some circumstances the resultant pictures are adequate they do not make your home stand out from the others for sale.

Compact cameras have tiny lenses that cannot allow sufficient light to make your home look bright and airy.  Neither do these cameras have wide angle capability so your rooms often look cramped and small.

The sensors in compact cameras are often much less than a quarter of the size of a professional camera and detail is lost and pictures can look fuzzy.

To summarise, the pictures that often end up on rightmove do not do your property justice and your litsing sits with all the other adequate listings on the site

If you really want to sell your home there are things that you can do to help you get more viewings and these mean more likelihood of offers being received and then a sale being agreed.

We are professional property photographers.  We have perfected techniques to show off your home to its best.  Here is a look into our technique to make your home stand out.

We aim to get to your home as quickly as possible when you decide to sell.  We are recommended by estate agents and work with you directly.

There are six key elements in ensuring the best pictures of your home.

1 – Equipment.  The best photographic equipment to really capture your home.  Large wide angle lenses with wide light gathering apertures and the biggest available sensors.

2 – Qualified and experienced photographers.  With the knowledge and skill to bring your home to life in a photograph.

3 – Room dressing.  Preparing each room to be photographed so people can imagine themselves living there.

4 – Balanced internal and external lighting ensuring each room looks as bright as possible and each window shows off the best available views.  We also carry a range of additional lighting and reflectors to really make your rooms stand out.

5 – Fast and responsive post production ensuring a strong neutral colour balance, even lighting, blue skies and emphasis on your homes key features and selling points.

6 – Availability and speed.  We are fast to photograph, fast to edit and fast to get your images over to your agent so they can begin the process of producing a stunning and compelling listing.

7 – After Sales Service, should we find that your home images are not the best they could be to sell your home we will come back and re-take shots to ensure you have the best chance of selling.

Photographing homes is a lot about subtraction.  The typical things in pictures of your home that do not assist in the sale:

–       Bins

–       Rugs

–       Remote Controls

–       Anything on kitchen worktops

–       Toys

–       Pet bed, bowl, toys, paraphernalia

–       Washing lines

–       Washing hanging out

–       Rotary Driers

–       Clothes over radiators

–       Dirty Windows

–       General Clutter

–       Cars on drive

–       Wheelie Bin

–       Bathroom Products

Features of your home that do sell it:

–       Light

–       Space

–       Warmth

–       Security

–       Cosiness

–       Cleanliness

–       Good Decoration

–       Spotless bathroom and kitchen

–       Landscaping

Key Photographic Techniques we will employ:

–       Use of a tripod to ensure that all images are sharp

–       Use of a full frame professional camera so that images are light

–       A distortion free wide angle lens so that straight edges are straight

–       Use of filters to remove or minimize distracting reflections

–       Use of additional lighting where required

–       Photographing from angles and planes that show your rooms to their best




Oasis for entertaining or man cave.









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